About The Grange Physical Therapy

The Grange Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic is locally owned and located in the West End of Edmonton.

Offering a variety of services, The Grange Physical Therapy staff work closely with their patients to ensure they receive the best possible care. This bond in communication allows the therapists to achieve our patient’s desired results.

The owners, Gary Nelson, Janice Bealer, and Sudharshan Sundararajan came together with the intention of providing quality care that is catered to each individual.  Their goal is to create an environment where clients feel encouraged to be a part of the management of their care and rehabilitation.

Our Vision

The Grange Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic envisions a world of healthy, active people living life to its fullest. We see ourselves being a key participant in achieving that goal, beginning with our little corner of the world, and the communities we actively serve.

Our Mission

The Grange Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic is dedicated to enriching the lives of others through results-oriented treatment of injuries delivered in a caring, respectful manner. We are firm believers in the effectiveness of physical therapy, as well as complementary treatments like dry needling and massage therapy; and as such are steadfastly committed to making the public aware of its amazing benefits.

Janice Bealer:

Janice has been a physical therapist serving the west end of Edmonton since 2006.  She graduated from the University of Alberta in the first Master’s of Physical Therapy program and has a keen interest in acupuncture and dry needling.

Gary Nelson:

Gary is our Managing Partner and brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience as co-owner of our associate clinic Callingwood Physical Therapy.

Sudharshan Sundararajan:

Sudharshan has an undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy and a Masters in Orthopedic Physical Therapy. He started his career in Canada in 2001, working with a variety of clients in a rural hospital, eventually shifting to a private practice in 2007. He has also incorporated needling into his physical therapy practice since 2004.