Products We Sell at our Clinics

The Grange Physical Therapy carries a number of products that may aid in your recovery.

  • Superfeet insoles: many foot, knee and low back issues can be caused by improper footwear and mal-alignment of your joints.  Superfeet insoles can help address these issues and are often a very affordable option instead of custom orthotics.  Our therapists are trained to assess clients with these issues and properly fit them in the insole best suited to their needs
  • Braces and taping supplies for wrists, low backs, knees, and ankles to improve joint stability and protect muscles and ligaments during recovery
  • TENS/EMS units for home use
  • Exercise balls for core strengthening
  • Resistance bands and tubing for home exercises
  • Water pillows to provide neck support which have been clinically proven to improve sleep
  • Foam rollers and Shepherd’s crooks to aid with stretching and massaging trigger points

Additionally, we can also custom order any supplies or equipment that you may require.

Ask any one of our therapists if any of the above supplies would benefit you.